Technology has evolved tremendously over the years and that is no secret. We use technology for just about everything nowadays whether it’s for business or personal life. One business industry that technology has boomed in is the real estate industry. You have been able research homes on the internet through various websites for years, but now you can utilize technology to sell your home without having to physically work with a realtor. This is iBuyer. Popular iBuyers include Opendoor, Redfin, and Offerpad 

Keller Williams has been advancing in the real estate industry and the technology industry for years now. Gary Keller has famously said that Keller Williams is “a technology company that sells real estate.” Monday Keller Williams has finally released its partnership with Offerpad. This partnership has created Keller Offers which has become Keller Williams’s iBuyer.  

Keller Offers is now available in Houston. The way Keller Offers works is like how other iBuyers work, but Keller Offers does not eliminate real estate agents. Keller Offergives Keller Williams agents the ability to present sellers with two different numbers. One number will be how much Offerpad will pay the seller to buy their home from them for resale. The other number will be how much the seller’s home would sell for based on comparable properties within the home’s neighborhood. If the sellers decided to sell their home to Offerpad, then the Keller Williams agent will be paid when Offerpad purchases the home from the seller and again with if Offerpad sells the home with a Keller Williams listing agent. These Keller Williams agents have their KOCIB (Keller Offers Certified iBuyer) certification and the Sartin Team has that certification!!!!  

We are very excited about all the great technological advances Keller Williams is making. As Keller Williams agents we work to ensure that the consumer is happy with their real estate transaction. Contact the Sartin Team if you are interested in learning more about Keller Offers!